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41. ERNEST ALBERT JOHN9 PALMER (ALBERT EDWARD8, JJOHN7, ELIZABETH6 DAWES, ANN5, BETTY4 TELLING, ABRAHAM3, HENRY2, HENRY1) was born 22 March 1899 in Stanton Drew, Som, Eng, and died 3 December 1973 in Portishead, Som, Eng.
He married NELLIE FLORENCE LOUISE VAUGHEN 1926 in St Pauls, Coronation Road, Southville, daughter of HENRY VAUGHAN and KATE WOOD. She was born 16 April 1900, and died 1974. 

Census Details

Census Location Family
1901  Dwelling:
Census Place: Chew Magna, Som, Eng 
Albert E PALMER M 30 M Trull, Gls, Eng Rel: Head Occ: Coal miner
Plenty PALMER M 22 F Stanton Drew, Som, Eng Rel: Wife
Ernest A PALMER S 2 M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng Rel: Son
Hester M PALMER S 2 F Stanton Drew, Som, Eng Rel: Daur
Victor C PALMER S 9m M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng Rel: Son
Mary PENNY Wid 69 F Chew Magna, Som, Eng Rel: Mother-in-law
William EMERY S 10 M Stanton Drew, Som, Eng Rel: Nephew  
Census Location Family
1911  Dwelling:
Census District: Long Ashton 
Albert Edward PALMER M 40
Plenty PALMER M 32 F
Ernest A PALMER S 12 M
Hester M PALMER S 12 F
Victor C PALMER S 10 M
Albert Henry PALMER S 8 M
William Cyril Francis PALMER S 5 M 

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